Jab I visited Boardwalk by Flamboyante

Boardwalk by Flamboyante is a mesmerizing place. You can literally say it is “Restaurant with a view”. If you are looking for a place for one-day outing with friends, family, or your loved one this is a perfect place to visit. You will definitely be refreshed.

You just need to hop onto a ferry from Gateway of India.
Ambience wise, the place welcomes you, and its blue and white exteriors and interiors just refresh your mind. Well, sunset is a good time to go here. A cool refreshing breeze simply takes away all the stress and tiredness.

They serve absolutely amazing food at a very affordable cost. A very special thing about this place is that you get to enjoy a beautiful sea view while you have your lunch or dinner.

Paneer Piri Piri Tandoori with Green Chutney

For starters you can definitely enjoy this delicious Paneer Piri Piri Tandoori with refreshing Green Chutney. It is a perfect combination of spiciness and tanginess to tingle your taste buds.

Cost – Rs. 310

Veggie Lovers Pizza

Cost – Rs. 470

Tuck yourself into an authentic wood-fired Veggie Lovers Pizza with a bottle of wine or your favourite cooler.

This place has my heart! It is famous for its sea-food and Mediterranean food. They also have a new bar inspired by a beachy ambience. This is a perfect place to throw parties or just come down for refreshing your mind. I highly recommend a visit to Boardwalk by Flamboyante.

Jab I visited Khau Gali

Ghatkopar’s Khau Gali is said to be the place for vegetarian indulgences.
Other Khau Galis in Mumbai are all meat-based but not here. You can expect
to find delicious vegetarian dishes here all loaded with cheese.

Kichiya Papad

Kichiya Papad

You might be wondering what is this? Is this sev puri? Or is this bhel? No it is neither bhel nor sev puri. This is khau gali’s special Cheese -e- licious Kichiya Papad. Topped with veggies and lots and lots of Cheese.

Cost – Rs.80

Ice Cold Pani Puri

Street food is incomplete without a plate of Pani Puri. So here it is, Enjoy this Ice Cold Pani Puri at Jai Durga Centre. It is available in Teekha, Meetha, and Mix flavour which will just burst in your mouth.

Cost – Rs.30

Pink Sauce Pasta

If you don’t taste this pink sauce pasta at khau gali you didn’t really go to khau gali. Why choose between red and white sauce when you can mix both? This Pink Sauce Pasta of WTC (World Trade Centre) is a classic combination of tanginess and creaminess of the red and white sauce with lots of cheese on top.

Cost – Rs. 150

Kiwi Milkshake

After all the spicy and delicious food you can slurp onto this beautiful yet mouth-watering Kiwi Milkshake. The richness and creaminess of this Kiwi Milkshake is to die for!!!!

Cost – Rs. 120

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and have got the temptation of really tasting all of it. Also, I hope you guys visit khau gali after this lockdown ends!