About Us

About Us

Maintaining the dignity of our name, we at HOUSE OF FLAVOURS, aim to bring forth a flavourful delivery experience with a wide range of delectable items for every taste bud.

We strive to promote healthier meals by making a conscious effort to reduce the use of artificial flavours, sugars and oils and substitute with wholesome alternatives.

Apart from the ingredients, we follow a hygienic and strict process while preparing our meals. Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian meals are prepared in separate units and the cleaniless is regularly monitored and checked. By using fresh and natural products and ingredients every day we are able to ensure that the quality of the food is retained throughout and the customers have the same experience each time they crave for their favourite dishes.

With countless multi-cuisine restaurants all over the city, we constantly focus on delivering unique and delicious dishes at affordable prices. Also, we enjoy coming up with dishes that have been long forgotten, like few dishes that require hours to prepare. While dealing with our traditional flavours, we also like to experiment with distinct flavours thus, presenting the best of traditional and modern gastronomic delights.

The most intimate and joyful memories can come flooding back at the sight, aroma and taste of particular foods and our mission is to provide our customers precisely that feeling either being taken back to their childhood or being transported to a completely unknown place with our food.

We desire to see our name among the top delivery restaurants in the city and we aim to leave no stone unturned in achieving the goal of making HOUSE OF FLAVOURS, a fast and easy delivery joint catering to your insatiable cravings.

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