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  • Delivering Delicious Food To Your Doorstep

  • Delivering Delicious Food To Your Doorstep

  • Delivering Delicious Food To Your Doorstep

Fresh Ingredients

Made Fresh by Professional Chefs

The original and authentic taste

Delivery Within 40 Minutes

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About Us

Maintaining the dignity of our name, we at HOUSE OF FLAVOURS, aim to bring forth a flavourful delivery experience with a wide range of delectable items for every taste bud.

We strive to promote healthier meals by making a conscious effort to reduce the use of artificial flavours, sugars and oils and substitute with wholesome alternatives.

Apart from the ingredients, we follow a hygienic and strict process while preparing our meals. Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian meals are prepared in separate units and the cleanliness is regularly monitored and checked. By using fresh and natural products and ingredients every day we are able to ensure that the quality of the food is retained throughout and the customers have the same experience each time they crave for their favourite dishes.

Crafted, not cooked

Each recipe is our chefs’ original creation inspired from their love for freshest local produce, slow cooking and fragrant flavours.

We do Catering Services

From flawless execution to professional and engaging staff, we provide a distinctive experience for every event. Together, we will create a professional and memorable event for you and your guests.

Natural, not artificial

All dishes are crafted using natural ingredients so that each dish is absolutely free of artificial flavor, synthetic essence or imitation color.

Main Dishes

Chicken Tikka

Authentic punjabi starter, straight out of tandoor on to your plate.

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Shahi Paneer

Soft paneer simmered in flavourful and aromatic gravy, perfect for your main course.

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Egg Curry

Delicious and flavourful egg curry made in traditional spices, a healthy choice for you.

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Dal Makhani

Authentic Punjabi dal, made with lots of butter and cream, presented with the perfect smoky flavour.

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Kadhai Chicken

Tender chicken, fried in spices and drenched in ingredients that raise the taste bar.

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Butter Chicken

Smooth, buttery, made in creamy tomato based gravy. So soft, it’ll literally melt in your mouth.

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Chinese Manchurian

Authentic and tasty Manchurian on to your plate.

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Veg Hakka Noodles

Authentic and tasty Noodles on to your plate.

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Spring Rolls

Delicious and flavourful Spring Rolls made in traditional spices, a healthy choice for you.

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